The Round Acre Project (RAP) is an all-inclusive proposition for professional people who are looking for a better way to do business.

What is the Round Acre Project?

We acknowledge the world of business is considered by many consumers as untrustworthy. There is significant evidence of corruption, malpractice and deceit across a wide range of professions and industries. People no longer trust “business” and in particular the way business is done by large organisations.

In response, we are called to be the change makers that customers and clients are looking for in today’s business marketplace. We are called to be in the world but not of the world. (Romans 12:2). Our calling is to walk the talk of our Christian faith in our day-to-day life in the world of business.

The Round Acre Project is specifically designed to help our members become change makers as God’s appointed Entrepreneurs in the marketplace. We do this by ensuring our business is:

• Built on Biblical Principles.
• Delivered by Trustworthy people.
• Driven by a desire to serve.

The Round Acre Project – How Does It Work?

RAP is best described as a journey of discovery. Throughout your individual journey we will provide you with the right type of input and support from a range of professional services.

When you become a RAP member we will assign a Personal Consultant (PC) who will work with you through the various stages of the RAP programme. Your PC’s primary responsibility is to ensure you are able to apply the key principles and learning outcomes from the programme directly to your business. This is a vitally important element of the programme – transitioning theory into practice.

In our experience we see many training programmes offering great content that is not translated into great business outcomes. This is where our proposition is significantly different – we walk every step of the way with you to provide guidance, support and practical advice – transitioning theory into practice.

As a member of the Round Acre project you have access to a range of professional services including:

Coaching – Personalised support for YOU as an Entrepreneur
Consulting – Advice regarding YOUR business
Mentoring – Guidance in relation to professional development
Training – Learning and development through teaching

Our Core Values are: TRUST

To download our Round Acre Project Business Model, please click here

What is included in the programme?

1. Initial Discovery Meeting

In order to ensure you get the best from us it is important we get to know and understand you and your business. The IDM is where we start the journey. Your PC will need to gain a clear picture of you as an individual, your business goals and objectives along with your experience and expectations. This first stage usually takes 60-90 minutes to complete.

2. Monthly Personal Coaching Sessions

In your first year as a RAP member each coaching session is designed to consolidate one specific element of the RAP Business Model. Your personal coach will work with you to identify where and how each of the 12 P’s in the RAP Business Model applies to your business and how it should be assessed. Each session takes 40-45 minutes and will be conducted via Face Time, Skype, telephone or in person subject to logistical practicality.

3. Quarterly RAP Member Workshops

Each workshop session is designed to provide a high level introduction to the topics contained in the RAP Business Model e.g. Workshop 1 covers the topics of Purpose, Philosophy and Principles. During the session members will be introduced to the Biblical references underpinning each topic and how they apply to business generically. The half-day workshop takes place in January, April, July and October.

4. Annual RAP Conference

Each year RAP members are invited to attend a two-day conference. The purpose of this event it to provide an opportunity for members to learn from and network with other like-minded people who share a call to Entrepreneurship. The main purpose of the conference is to enable RAP members to hear from speakers with a relevant message to Christian Entrepreneurs and business owners/leaders in an environment that helps us to enjoy Gods blessings.

5. How much does it cost?

Our aim is to provide a great proposition at a fair price. The Round Acre Project combines the components of coaching, consulting, mentoring and training delivered through 1-2-1 personal sessions, group workshops and conference events. The all-inclusive cost of membership is £100.00 per month (excl. Vat).

Three Important Questions You Need To Ask Yourself:

1. Is it Practical
– Can it be done?

The RAP model has been developed to ensure a practical outcome is achieved for each member. To be precise, we aim to work with you to set and achieve business goals that are meaningful and SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time based).

2. Is it Preferable
– Do I want to do it?

It is vitally important to set goals and objectives that motivate, excite and represent personal value to you, the business owner. Our aim is to ensure you are personally called, committed and challenged to achieve the objectives you have set for yourself and your business.

3. Is it profitable
– Is it worth doing?

One of our key goals is to ensure your business increases in profitability as a direct consequence of your membership of the Round Acre Project. To be clear, we do mean financial profitability. We believe this to be a key result area for each and every business we work with. However, it is intention to broaden the scope of that which is considered as an important measure of success.

The Structure of the Round Acre Project

• The RAP operates as a profit making enterprise. We believe this is the right way for us to grow our business organically.

• Everybody involved in our business is an entrepreneur. They walk the RAP talk. In this way we hold ourselves accountable to the members we serve.

• Each of us involved in the RAP believes this is our calling.