One of the first questions I am asked whenever I talk about the Round Acre Project is “where did the title come from”?

Having spent the majority of my working life in the world of financial services I have gained a great deal of knowledge, experience and practice operating within what I refer to as the “Square Mile” mindset. In this typical business environment the modus operandi is very simple: profit is king; people are a means of achieving profit; number one is the only place to be; shareholder value is the reason given to justify the high rewards and bonuses culture; and finally, if things go wrong avoid breaking the eleventh commandment – don’t get caught!

When I think about the post financial crash world we live in today I find myself prompted by God to avoid the temptation to simply add my voice to the millions of protestors who shout “foul” to the universal referee. God’s challenge to me as an Entrepreneur is to step forward and make a difference. The difference I believe God wants us to make is in how we do business.

In the process of developing this programme the idea dawned on me to give it a title that was simple, a bit quirky, but particularly meaningful. The term “Round Acre” is as far removed from the “Square Mile” both in factual terms and as a metaphorical alternative. This seemed to fit the bill and was adopted as the working title for the project. The “Project” term reminds me this is something that has a particular purpose – our projects challenge is to provide a better alternative to the existing, broken business model. It seemed logical therefore call it The Round Acre Project.

The final step was to summarise this new business proposition. To think of an appropriate strap-line that captures the essence of what we are endeavoring to achieve. The Round Acre Project – A Better Way To Do Business.

If you are an Entrepreneur aspiring to run your business in a way that is honouring to God, in keeping with Biblical principles and designed to build back TRUST in the world of business I hope you are inspired to join us as a member of The Round Acre Project.

Brian J Sweeney